Chaos Boredom (Movie Thoughts: Chaos Walking)

I don’t know what possessed me to want to see ‘Chaos Walking.’ I mean, it’s a sci-fi western two genres I normally do nto like. But let’s be real here – Tom Holland made me watch this, or at least, hsi presence did.

Set int he future, the film is set in a world wherein people’s thoughts can be heard by everyone, in the form of ‘noise.’ (In the film, it’s through voice overs) And this is a future world where all the women have been eradicated, but the fun ends when a young woman arrives.

There you go- that’s basically the film, with a lot of action scenes thrown in. I was bored for the mpst part of it, and I can barely go through writing about it.

Heavy Cherry (Film Thoughts: Cherry)

With a one hunde and forty minute running time, ‘Cherry’ is certainly heavy. Directed Joe and Anthony Russo (of those superhero movies) the film tries to tackle a lot and lobs them all at you. It’s from the memoirs of Nico Walker, who served in Afghanistan, and came back with PTSD. But that only is a fraction of Walker’s story – it also tackles his addiction. and the vices he acquires trying to sustain that drug addiction. It really is a lot, and yes, too much.

And The Russos tell the story vividly, with too much imagination and not enough originality. Everything they do here we have seen before. Everything feels familair, and not special.

So the question is: can Tom Holland make us believe. And can Tom Holland sustain your attention? for the most part, the answer to that question is yes. he gives his all here, and you can sense the total commitment he gives to the film in any and all of his scenes. Is it enough to save the film? Your mileage may vary. I could watch Holland eat vegetables and I would be fine. Others need a little more substance.

It’s Electric (Movie Thoughts: The Current War)

p13946044_p_v7_aa‘The Current War,’ directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon was originally produced by Harvey Weinstein, but two years ago the film was shuffled. Gomez-Rejon re-edited the film when it found new distributors. It felt promising to me, particularly because of the cast assembled here – Benedict Cumberbatch plays Thomas Edisona nd Michael Shannon plays George Westinghouse, and the film focuses on their rivalry on who will first bring electricity to the masses.

The problem is, we don’t really get a full sense of these characters, and while Cumberbatch and Shannon are both effective in their respective roles, they are saddled with a cumbersome script. Cue in some more characters – Nicholas Hoult as Nikolai Tesla and Tom Holland as Edison’s assistant – and you never know what the film is really trying to say. I wanted the film to work because I was rooting for all these actors (I think I would watch Hoult in anything) and while the film was shot beautifully, their words felt empty.

European Vacation (Movie Thoughts: Spiderman: Far From Home)

large_far-home-posterWhat business do I have watching ‘Spiderman: Far From Home?” I mean, I don’t follow these comic book movie, and I didn’t even see that mega hit Avengers. (Thank God by the way for that sequence int he beginning explaining major plot points from Avengers)  But there are some compelling reasons that made me want to see this film. First of all, Tom Holland. I just have this major crush on him, and it doesn’t hurt that he has stage roots, playing Billy Elliott on the West End (have you guys checked out his dancing videos?) Add to this the fact that I will never resist a European vacation movie – and this is set in various cities, like Venice, Prague and London (among my top five favorites, by the way) And just to make it even more attractive, the film has Jake Gylenhaal, who is always a draw for me. So screw continuity problems, no one could stop me from seeing this opening weekend.

And I am glad I did. Holland is great, with that perfect mix of teen vulnerability and superhero presence, and of course, what drew me in the story is the romance angel. I am not the biggest fan of Zendaya, but sure she kind of won me over here, and I am just so there for her the MJ-Peter Parker pairing. The action scenes kind of flew over my head (I used one of the major ones for a bathroom break) but all in all, it is a very entertaining commercial film, and I enjoyed it much more than I expected to.