A Yearwood of Frank (Music Thoughts: Let’s Be Frank, Trisha Yearwood)

img35cTrisha Yearwood has released a new album, but here’s the twist. For now, it is only available at Williams Sonoma, and due for a February wide release.  It’s a collection of standards, specifically a tribute to Frank Sinatra. And of course something like this would be right up my alley.

As far as singer-does-standards go, this one is pretty sweet. Her voice is nice and full, and you can tell that she loves these songs – she knows them and you don’t get a sense that she just learned them that day at the recording studio. She is careful with the lyrics, treating them with proper care. And even though I know this is a Sinatra tribute, she includes songs that are not the most obvious choices – songs like Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ‘If I Loved You ‘ (my favorite track here) and ‘Over The Rainbow’ get included. And when she dips into his cannon, she makes sure she offers something new and different. On ‘Witchcraft,’ for example, she sings the rarely-heard verse. For me, the album skews on the more conservative side, but that is just me. I think I would have liked this more had she done this country style = can you imagine a honky tonk bar version of ‘One For My Baby?’  But overall, this is a great record, and one that might be worth a trip to Williams Sonoma for.