Sage Advise (Perfume Thoughts: Sage Spell, Viktor & Rolf)

375x500.42766I am still going through my samples, and now I am wearing Viktor & Rolf’s ‘Sage Spell.’  It is from their somewhat pricey ‘Magic’ collection although recently price for the whole collection has gone down a bit, and is now available in Sephora.

Sage Spell is an aromatic herb scent. The notes listed include pink pepper and pink grapefruit, and I get both, but this grapefruit is slightly bitter, which I kind of like. It is also minty which gives it smell fresh. To be honest, the smell is on the medicine-y side, but I don’t mind it. On a better day, I would probably warm up to this more.

Spicy Beachy (Perfume Thoughts: Spicebomb Fresh)

o.24402Very rarely does a flanker deliver something that not only celebrates the original, but equals it. The original Spicebomb, by Viktor and Rolf was a success, both artistically and commercially. It was a mid-market masterpiece,  and one of my favorite tobacco note scents. So with trepidation, I tried Spicebomb Fresh, which is the Eau Fraiche version. And this is just as wonderful. At first, this seems nowhere like he original: a burst of subtle citrus that’s grapefruit that’s neither tart nor sweet. Then it veers towards soething a bit spicy: with cinammon,  red pepper, and saffron, But they are all blended well that not one note is overwhelming, And it has a beachy “salt water” note that I love. It smells like a summer afternoon, like you’ve been wearing a sort of spic perfume under the sun. Then the soft leathers come in, and the tobacco note that marries this to the original Spicebomb, and then you realize that yeah, this does feel like a summery and lighter version of he original. And if you feel that the original is strong, I think this matches that – the sillage and longevity mirrors the original. This would be a perfect summer day scent for me – it’s slightly rough yet still fresh smelling. This is going straight to my to-buy list!