Torn (Television Thoughts: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Younger S03 E01)

younger-season-3-poster-tv-land-key-artI wrote at the beginning of Younger’s second season that has started hitting its stride. And I was right – the series found its footing last season – all the characters have fallen into place. As the third season starts, I almost feel like these characters are old friends – we have had some history together, we have gone through some stuff together, and we now are all in this as we tackle what’s next.

So what’s next? At the end of last season, we see Liza on a crossroad: Charles kissed him at the department store in Paramus, and Josh has declared his love for her, regardless of that age thingy. We start the season not shortly after that, as Liza deals with the awkwardness at the office with Charles. (‘It’s just a kiss,Liza,’ he says)  But you know there’s more to that – he asks her to meet at Cafe Carlysle so they can talk about it – to get everything out in the open and he says that either way he will be fine with it. But when Liza gets there, she sees him talking to a couple she met earlier in the day whose daughter is friends with, as she sends them off to college. She don’t want to so some ‘splainin – Girl, it’s Cafe Carlysle, what better place to do it?

Meanwhile, Kelsey is still mourning, and Diana sees her and they go to Marie’s Crisis for drinks and show tunes. Now, I am happy as much as anyone else about the mainstreamization of Marie’s Crisis, but I gotta confess that I feel very protective of that place. I knew it when it was just a hole-in-the-wall bar. It still is, but now it’s a very popular hole-in-the-wall. And they drink a little too much, and with Liza, all end up in Diana’s apartment. I am glad to get a whole lot more of Diana’s back story, as I think there’s a lot to mine in that character.

So it seems we end up right where we started, and I don’t know if I feel happy about that. I feel like we have been strung along here, bu I guess I just have to trust the show.

Two Kisses To Build A Dream On (Television Thoughts: Youngser Season Two Finale)


So here we are, at the second season cliffhanger of “Younger.” (I googled and the show has been renewed for Season 3)  and it’s a pretty good end for thee season, but not entirely unsurprising. I thin we have known all along that something will spark between Liza and Charles and that happened this episode when Charles, out of the blue, kisses Liza at the Paramus Park Mall.  And how did she get there? Well, after felling guilty and responsible for Thad’s death, Liza quits Empirical and starts working at the New Jersey mall. But Charles lassoes her back. Meanwhile after having mourning sex with Josh, he waits for her at her stoop and kisses her, too – which begs the show’s campaign of #TeamJosh vs #TeamCharles.

A couple of things: I really do wish the season and more than twelve episodes. It felt a little unfinished and perhaps because it is a thirty minute show, a lot of things get glossed over. One thing, though, Liza and Kelsey’s friendship feels so authentic tha when they hugged it out towards the end of this episode, I felt myself tearing up. Plus, I thought what Josh did to Liza – having her leave towards the fire escape – was so foul, and perhaps just a bit out of character for both of them, all in the expense of a cheap laugh. A lot of times this show does that, and I really wish it didn’t.But then, I guess the show is more of a sitcom than a soap, so perhaps I am being a bit too picky – you do that with the things you love – one’s biggest fans are also their biggest critic.

All in all, I am still invested in the show, and I think it’s getting better by the year, as the actors gets more and more settled with their characters. I have always loves Sutton Foster on stage – she was fabulous in the ‘Anything Goes’ revival – and she is tops here. This is one of the best ensembles on television. I’ll be here waiting for the next season.

Lies Lies Les (Television Thoughts: Younger S02 E11)


Liza and her lies are haunting her. First, her discovery of Thad’s infidelity. She has challenged him to confess to Kelsey, but he won’t do it, until he gets a break. He finds out about Liza’s secret. And he blackmails her by threatening to reveal it. I know it shows in the previews that he probably gets a fateful end next week, and that probably will snowball into Liza into more lies, but it does make me wonder what the end game for this season is- will some people get to know more about her secret, or will she continue with her charade?I just googled and indeed, Younger is getting a third season, and Dan Amboyer, who plays Thad, will be playing The Green Lantern on the big screen, which is probably why his character is exiting the series. So, let’s expound on that information, how will Thad’s fatal end impact how this series will end? I still suspect there will be a Liza-Charles connection at some point. As a matter of fact, they had a tender scene tonight where Charles was supposed to reveal to her what he really wants to do in life. I bet by net week’s season finale, something develops – and of course, Josh will be kind of back and this will cause a major complication for the finale.


Bad Choices (Television Thoughts: Younger S02 E10, Bad Romance)


With three episodes to go, Younger is moving forward fast and furious. Liza is still in post break-up mode with Josh, and it looks like he is now dating Greta, the NY Times reporter. Cut to her going on a “date” with her daughter and her ex-husband. And then – she sleeps with him? Ew. That seems like an out-of-left-field choice by the writers. I don’t really know if Liza would do that. We all make bad choices, but I thought that was pretty hard to swallow. But she has bigger problems for now. She finds out that Thad has been cheating on Kelsey. And it looks like everyone in the world knows that Thad is bad for Kelsey, although no one would want to say it to her face. In our modern world obsessed with social media, her avocado toast post got more likes than her engagement ring one. Again, Liza is caught in between – she knows she should tell Kelsey about Thad’s infidelities, but she just can’t. Until, at the engagement party,  someone sends Liza a sex video of Thad’s as he looks on. “Either you tell her or I don’t,” she challenges. I don’t think Tad will be in teh show next season (Didn’t I read that the actor playing him got a major movie super hero gig?) and Kelsey will probably be loveless by the season finale. But Liza – I wonder how Josh will fit in next year, or will the focus be on Charles?

Farmer’s Almanac (Television Thoughts, Younger S02 E09, The Good Shepherd)



Sometimes, it all boils down to chemistry. I thought Sutton Foster (Liza) and Matthew Morrison (Sebastian) had great chemistry in tonight’s episode of Younger (‘The Good Shepherd’) and I was getting quite excited about the possibilities. Or, perhaps the Broadway geek in me is imagining a new musical with both of them as the leads.But either way, I thought Sebastian was perfect for Liza – and the perfect ‘rebound’ guy for her. I was rooting for them, and I really liked that part of the story, and would even read Sebastian’s book. As a concept, it was interesting to me. Until it wasn’t. I was very much surprised by ‘the big reveal’ for his character.  Maybe I just want Liza’s character to feel better, too. Her having the sads is giving me the sads. And that coincidental meeting at the restaurant? Sure, you could say that it is pretty impossible for that to happen in a big city. But, I tell you it does happen, and it happens a lot – I think people get to be in the same zeitgeist. Especially people who think and act alike, as ex-lovers do. As for Kelsey, they are setting up the idea that the engagement is a bad thing for her, and I guess it has been from the start, as his boyfriend is an a-hole. Oh, and P.S. Isn’t Matt Morrison just adorable?

Josh’s Burden (Television Thoughts. Younger S02 E 08, Beyond Therapy)



It was bound to happen. Josh and Liza has broken up, and I think this one may stick (for a while)  When Josh gets an opportunity to be profiled by T, the New York Times Magazine, he isn’t able to include Liza in the article (because, obviously) and this sets up a domino of events that may be just too much for him to handle. I can’t blame him, I can just imagine the burden that he is shouldering with Liza’s secret, and there is only sop much a heart can take. And Liza, she is caught int he middle of all of this, paralyzed by how she is feeling and the situation she has put herself into. Sutton Foster has never been better than in that last scene, as she cries, pretending they are happy tears for Kelsey, who just got engaged. And you can see all the pain in her eyes as her friends get mad at Josh for not including her in the NYT article, and Josh’s dialogue – the one where he talks to the report, the more he realizes how Liza is such a big part of her life  – seems more heartbreaking than it needs to be. This episode may be closer to soap opera territory, but it works, and I bet everyone who has been following the show is shedding a tear. There are things running in my mid – this will clear the path for Charles and Liza, what will happen to Josh character, will this force Liza to admit her real age – but all of that is still enveloped by the heartbreak of Liza and Josh.

On another note, Martha Plimpton is great as Cheryl, the blackmailer in Liza’s life, but isn;t Cheryl more or less the same character Plimpton plays in ‘The Good Wife?’  Hmmmm

Swap And Camp (Younger S02 E06, S02 E07)


Yes, I know I am behind with Younger, too. So I will just write about Episode 6 (Scheming) and Episode 7 (Into The Woods And Out Of The Woods) in one post. I liked Ep 6 a lot, especially the  way they schemed to get Jade’s book out of Empirical. I was totally impressed by how they did it – I was wondering myself how they could they get out of that mess. Hillary Duff was particularly good in this episode, cunning and charming at the same time. And there was one part of the episode I could really relate to – when Liza pulled a muscle and suddenly was aching. Funny enough, a similar thing happened to me last week. I was tying my shoelace and bending down, and pulled a similar muscle in my back. It’s been a week and now and it still kinda aches. Liza, if you think things are falling apart when you are 40, imagine how you would feel at 50.

On Episode 7, we get to the woods. I liked that Josh is playing bluegrass music – it’s so stupidly and appropriately hip, and funny. And after this episode, I can see where the story is kind of leading to: that love triangle between Josh, Liza, and Charles. You can see it in Liza’s face as she texts Charles. But I don’t know about the message this is sending. Are Liza and Charles better together because they are more age appropriate for each other? Or is it because they are intellectually closer to each other? I think they are making it now look like Josh and Liza are getting more and more incompatible with each other. I thought this episode is one of the weaker spots this season. There were times I felt kind of bored.


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