When The Sun Comes Out (Book Thoughts: Hello, Sunshine, Laura Dave)

27274420Laura Dave’s ‘Hello Sunshine’ started put promising: Sunshine, one of those YouTube sensation cooks, is on the verge of getting her own Food Network show when she gets outed as a fraud – all her recipes aren’t really hers, they are the creations of her manager’s wife. She loses everything on her birthday, even her husband of fourteen years. So what is she to do? I was on-board for what happens next.

Unfortunately, the next couple of twists and turns weren’t really believable to me. She goes back to Montauk, where she grew up, and starts living with her sister and her niece, and she starts working at a restaurant there – did we even know that she had wanted to study cooking? A lot of things happen at a small amount of time that nothing seemed plausible. Dave is a great writer that she almost pulls it off – there’s a warmth to how she fleshes out these characters. I wonder if there is a longer book somewhere hidden here? Perhaps her editor cut chunks out? A lot of here seems hastily done, as if we were all reading just a draft.

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