When Your House Is A Dream (Movie Thoughts: The Architect)

kinopoisk.ruI never liked Parker Posey as an actress. I guess I have always been immune to her ‘party girl charm.’  But here she is here, playing Drew, one half of a ‘yuppy’ couple (Eric McCormack plays Colin, the other half) who is building their dream house. They hire eccentric architect, Moss Miles (well-played by James Frain)  and as you can probably guess, things just go from weird to bizarre after. ‘The Architect’ never really gets it tone right – is it one of those stalking-thriller types, a la ‘The One Who Rocks The Cradle’? Perhaps it is a melodramatic divorce story? I ended up confused and slightly entertained by it.

All Is Fair In Love (Movie Thoughts: Fair Haven)

Photo Sep 04, 8 55 34 AM‘Fair Haven’ got me. In my youth, I had a lot of dreams of what I want my life to be like. And some of those dreams have true, and some I still hoping for. But I am realist as well, and honest enough to say that there are dreams I had that will never true. So I can’t help to identify with the character of James, played by Michael Grant. He is 19 years old, ready to start his life.

But he had a detour. He was sent to ex-gay convertion therapy, and has pretended that he has been ‘healed.’ His father spent his tuition money (He got accepted to Berklee School of Music in Boston) and is now back in his rural Vermont town. His father wants him to abandon music and work at their apple orchard.

It’s all predictable, you may say. But Grant’s heartbreaking performance is so believable, and the directions so effective that even though we know where the film is eventually go, the journey hits every mark effectively. Sure this plays like a upgraded gay Lifetime movie of sorts, (Gregory Carradine and Tom Wopat are both here ) but such a bad thing?

Frozen (Perfume Thoughs: Alber Elbaz x Frederic Malle Superstition)

Photo Aug 27, 5 11 47 PMI sampled Frederic Malle par Alber Elbaz Superstition a couple of months back when it first came out. I was at Barney’s and there it was, taunting me, seducing me. I remember loving it, and at the same time I was trying to ignore it. Why? $$$$$ Malle fragrances can tantalize you, but it still feels forbidden because of he outrageous price points. I remember liking, maybe loving it, at that time. Floral Aldehydes , I remember – the ones my friend says smells like Pond’s Cold Cream.

But I do like perfumes that smell like that, they remind me of he glamorous old-fashioned perfumes, It is reminiscent of all things Chanel. I visualize a ball with ladies wearing sparkly gowns and the men in black tuxedos.

And this perfume smells old-fashioned with a cold sparkly opening of green bergamot, all from an ice bucket. Then chilled pear follows with a jasmine heart that’s a bit musky, joined with a musky rose. All of these is gauzified – the aldehydes making sure it’s presence is felt.

This is the kind of fragrance that people will call “grandma’s perfume”  The wearer of this perfume will match it with an elegant all-black outfit instead of a romantic lace. This woman knows herself and knows what she wants. The roses are not sweet, the peach is slightly green.

If its price was cheaper, I would grab it tomorrow. I know I will look for excuses not to get it (I’m a Virgo, we are always practical)  But I know in my heart of hearts, this love will not fade.

Your Song (Film Thoughts: The Girl From The Song)

MV5BNmFmOGRlMGMtY2RkNy00MGI3LTkwYTktNGFjY2JkYjlmOGUyL_Young people still fall in love, right? In the movies nowadays, they rarely do. I guess a lot of the young have ‘moved on,’ and they fall in love now on YouTube, on Snapchat, and many other forums, but on the movies, on the movies they are aren’t there. (Though, this year, two did at ‘Everything,Everything’)

Directed by Ibai Abad, ‘The Girl From The Song’ is a love story between Eric (Lewis Rainier) and Jo (Josephine Berry) meet in a London University. He’s a music geek, she’s a popular girl. They get into a hot and heavy romance, and then she leaves him to go to Burning Man with her friends. He gets insecure, sells his guitar to follow her, and the rest of the movie continues in the shadow of the 2014 Burning Man Music Festival in Nevada.

As I said before, young love. These kids are young, impetuous, compulsive. And in love. They make decisions based on what they feel, in the heat of the moment. We have all been there. You will see yourselves in these characters.

I love the feel of the movie – from the cloudy scenes in London town to dusty Nevada of Burning Man. I appreciated the international feel – it’s a Spanish production with the lovers played a British young man and a French young woman. And most of all, I felt nostalgic of feeling young love, for decades ago I felt the same thing.


Ramin Down South (Music Thoughts: The Road To Find Out – South, Ramin Karimloo)

51QiuzCI-DL._SS500Ramin Karimloo is best known for his leading man roles on Broadway, but he really stands out singing in the Country/Bluegrass vein.  In ‘The Road To Find Out: South,” he shows that prowess. This album is part of a four EP set. (West, North, East..) where he sings both a mixture of showtunes and his own compositions in his own style. In this compilation, South, I focus on the show songs: ‘Old Man River’ is sung almost in a plain non-tenor style, and you almost feel like this is a new song, with non of theatricality of the song.  And in ‘Eidelweiss,’ we go from the mountains of Austria to Smoky Mountains of the South – and it’s magnificent.  I wish I could say more about the self-penned songs. They sound nice, but, honestly, did not really speak to me.

Social Media Stalker Climber (Film Thoughts: Ingrid Goes West)

images-1I have to admit that, at some point, at some point I was getting addicted to Facebook. But I started to realize a lot of what I was reading was white noise. What I liked about Facebook was taking a slice of friends’ and acquaintances’ lives. But then everything else seem to have been dumped in there, and posts about politics drove me insane – with fake news on both sides, and I was starting to take political sides personally, like unfriending people who had opposite opinions. That’s when I started to pull back.  I know where I stand, and don’t need to be convinced by it. I started to look at Facebook and concentrated more on Instagram where it’s a little less personal, and more private.

So what’s my point? I would like to think that I am a sane person. But what if a real certifiably crazy person gets obsessed with social media? That’s the story of Ingrid, the main character Ingrid on ‘Ingrid Goes West,’  which is Matt Spicer’s directorial debut. She is played by Aubrey Plaza. She really is a monster of a character but Plaza plays almost endearingly. When she reaches rock bottom, you feel sorry for her, even as you acknowledge everything she did to her Instagram obsession, Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen) From the ‘depths’ of her nowhere, she moves to California so she can insert herself into Taylor’s glamorous life. Think of it as the Kardashan syndrome. Then what happens to her? The film comes close to a modern morality tale, but the film has other plans.

I like the film a lot, enough to recommend to people. I am honest enough to admit that I sometimes get excited if I saw someone who I have been following on Instagram so I can relate to Ingrid. But probably not enough to move across the country to move for that person. As a film, you will connect and disconnect with different characters here. This film entertained and made me think.


Window Waves (Music Thoughts: Waving Through A Window Remixes)

dear-evan-hansen-waving-through-a-window-remixesI cannot remember a song from a Broadway show released a single from its cast album. And even more interestingly,  a mini album of three songs remixed by various DJs was released. From ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ its most popular song ‘Waving Through A Window’ got a Tony Moran Remix, which is my favorite from three.  It’s your typical club mix – house but not too heavy, and most appealing to me, you can sing along to the lyrics. Actually even on the two other remixes, by DJLW and Ludato and Joseph Duveen, the lyrics are always present and none of these three tracks are inaccessible. So the question is: who will want these in their lives. Loyal fans of the show would (and there are a lot of  them) For others, your mileage may vary.