Jazz Em Up (Music Thoughts: Jazz Covers Pop, Talisha Kerrer)

11iyqQrRqL._SS500_In my opinion, jazz covers of pop songs rarely work. Pop songs are good for a specific reason and there’s no sense toying with that formula. Cue in Talisha Karrer’s ‘Jazz Covers Pop,’ which showcases pop songs in a jazz settings. The result?

Well, some of them do work. I am from the school of thought wherein if you must cover someone else’s songs, you better do something cool and innovative with it, because otherwise, why bother? Kerrer is successful on some of the songs – Madonna’s ‘Material Girl,’ for example, works with her syncopations. But most of her other versions here sound like covers. While she sings them well (She has a great voice and massive range) it served to only want me to check out the original versions.

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