How Little We Know (Movie Thoughts: Little)

littleDo we really need a movie that is ‘Big’ in reverse? I actually am not opposed to the idea, and much has been said about (then) ten year old Marsai Martin pitching it to Director Tina Gordon, earning her the youngest person in history to have an Executive Producer credit. And Martin chose wisely for herself, as she is great in the movie. She is effective and fearless, and you do believe that she is an adult trapped in a young girl’s body.

Too bad the script is a bit on the dry side. A lot of the jokes did not work for me, and I felt that the movie was probably fifteen minutes too long. And while I also liked Issa Rae’s performance, I thought Regina Hall was miscast in the movie. I thought her take was on the bit on the heavy side, and I keep on envisioning a more carefree performance. I don’t know, but I am just thinking Taraji P Henson would have been a better choice (although she essentially played the same role in ‘What Women Want’ earlier this year) All in all, this was a nice distraction on a weeknight during tax season, but ultimately it just did not work for me.

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