Brasilia Sinatra (Music Thoughts: Bibi Ferreira canta Sinatra)

815b23M5oIL._SS500_Bibi Ferreira was one of Brasil’s greatest divas and I recently chanced upon her album ‘Bibi Ferreira canta Sinatra,’ which was probably reissued because she passed away February of this year.  Some internet searching place this album from a live show of hers from 2014, and indeed, her voice seem a little on the ‘mature’ side here, but it isn’t without character. Clearly, this woman knows how to relay the messages of these songs and have the experience to back it up. Obviously, my favorite track is a medley of the Brasilian songs: from Meditation to Quiet Nights to Agua de Beber. but I thought she was just as effective in singing standards, like ‘Night and Day,’ and ‘I Get A Kick Out Of You.’  Her theater background even comes in handy as she sings ‘Ol Man River,’ and by God it is gorgeous. She i a little bit of a discovery for me so know excuse me as I try to dig up more of her work.

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