Race Relations (Television Thoughts: The Neighborhood, CBS)

p15528410_b_v8_ab‘The Neighborhood’ has a premise that’s so retro it could kind of work. Or not.  It all depends on how the show evolves. The Johnson family, headed by max Greenfeld and Beth Behrs – move to a predominantly black neghborhood…and, hopefully, hilarity ensues. Their neighbor, headed by Cedric The Entertainer, are kind of wary, but they are also kind of mocking the Johnsons.  I thought the pilot showed promise, but I also thought the writing was kind of weak. I didn’t even crack a smile the first twenty minutes of the show, as I thought the jokes were too obvious. But I did like the message towards the end, which was a bit more hopeful. I will give this a chance. I went into this because I like both Greenfeld and Behrs, and I will stay for them, even if I am not really fond of Cedric. I think the show has potential to grow, and maybe even be a modern-day version of ‘The Jeffersons.’ neighborhood

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