What Of Rich (Music Thoughts: I Wish You Love, Rich Howard)

rhNever judge anything by its cover. I took one look at the album cover of Rich Howard’s ‘I Wish You Love.’ and thought to myself, I probably will not liek this album. I don’t gravitate towards male singers, and yes, I admit, I judged. But about three songs into the album, I thought, well, this isn’t bad at all. This album of standards is sung competently, and tenderly (perhaps that’s why I like it)  and the choice of songs well thought out. I liked his wistful title track of ‘I Wish You Love,’ and I don’t know why, I am liking all renditions of ‘An Affair To Remember’ lately.  Curiously, though, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on the internet about Mr. Howard. He doesn’t have a website, and I think he is New York based (there’s a cryptic comment somewhere that his album was assembled by New York City musicians)  But, I like a lto of what I have heard, and this is available on Spotify, so go on and listen there!

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