More Than Nice (Perfume Thoughts: Nice Bergamote, Essential Parfums)

375x500.50789Someone described to me Essential Parfums’ ‘Nice Bergamote’ as just a perfume. I thought what did he mean? He said that the company doesn’t spend as much time (and money) in advertising, packaging, even the bottle is nice and plain. (Some houses probably spend more money in their perfume’s font more than what was spent here)  But really, most times the perfume is all you need.

Nice Bergamot is underselling the perfume – this is a solid scent, with a big juicy burst of Calabrian bergamot. It is bright – that’s is the first adjective you will use for what you smell. It has bergamot and vetiver. It’s green but not too much, and it is citrus but not too light. There is jasmine and rose in the heart but it is all blended so well that you get a perfectly rounded scent. This is perfect for warmer weather – its zestness will instantly feel fresh. And best of all for the practical Virgo in me, it is priced so attractively that you will feel that you are getting fantastic value. And really, you are.

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