Perfume at Play (Perfume Thoughts: Bambolina, Hilde Solani)

375x500.14868Oh, how I had forgotten about Bambolina. And how I sometimes forget about Hilde Soliani’s scents – they are always fun, quirky, unique and easy to wear. Bambolina means ‘small doll’ in Italian and what do you know, this perfume has that ‘plastic doll’ note – I don’t really know what it is called, and how to really describe it, but it is here, and it sits there on top of the cherry and cherry blossom and apricot accord. This perfume is playful and evokes a nice summer day full of fruits and is the perfect scent for a cloudy dreary day like today.

I Never Has Smelled Snow (Perfume Thoughts: White Moss and Snowdrop, Jo Malone)

117024_img-4716-jo_malone-white_moss__snowdrop_480I was kind of excited about Jo Malone’s Holiday limited-edition release, ‘Whote Moss and Snowdrop,’ because it jus t*sounds* alluring.  I imagine it as a snow-frosted scent, perfect for Holiday wear, and I imagine Elsa from Frozen wearing it to match her blue gown. And yes, look at gorgeous bottle, which could match the tinsels on any Christmas tree.

But…blah. I was thoroughly disappointed by it – a generic ‘cold citrus’ scent that’s characterless – clementine is the listed note I think but it’s so bland that I couldn’t get anything. Then a white-musky drydown comes in, and it has that generic Jo Malone base that really puts me to sleep. There is no ‘moss’ or ‘snow’ that I get here. On my skin, it becomes a white musky basic scent, kind of like plain yogurt before you put the fruit in it. I wanted to like it. Hell, I wanted to own it. Pass.

The Smell Of Christmas (Perfume Thoughts: Ecstasy, Tiziana Terenzi)

375x500.16524With the holidays coming up, I was searching for a scent that was Christmas-y. And then I realized I had Tiziana Terenzi’s ‘Ecstasy.’ For some reason, this perfume was one of the ones I brought with me when I moved, and was not packed for storage, and I remember wearing this earlier during the warmer weather and thought, well, this is not really working.

Ecstasy is pine on top. It smells like a Christmas tree. But it is a very warm scent – it is smoky, and woodsy, like the pine tree that’s next to a fire place. In its heart, on my skin, is incense. And it is the smoky kind. I like this a lot, and in this colder weather it’s nice, soothing, and comforting. It is also very Christmassy. I can see wearing this at church and feeling the mood of the Holidays instantly. This is Christmas in a bottle, my style.

Good Girl Gone Bland (Perfume Thoughts: Good Girl, Carolina Herrera)

73755wFirst impression (even before sniffing) on Carolina Herrera’s ‘Good Girl’: look at that bottle. Apparently, people either love or hate this bottle, and count me in among the LOVE crowd. I think it’s cute, and fun, and kitschy, and would go great next to my Moschino Windex-inspired ones. Apparently, it’s one of the year’s best selling perfumes, and I bet women are buying it because of the bottle.

But it is still a perfume, and how does it smell? Promised a jasmine/tuberose combo, we do get that, with a great fruity note (it is a peach?) So basically, a fruity floral, and one we have all smelled before. It’s safe and good for office wear, and I will bet it will get some complements. But let’s be honest, not as exciting as the stiletto where it is poured from.

I still want to own it, though. This looks to be the kind of fragrance that will last a long time, and I bet later versions will have a different, more generic bottle. So, first edition goals!

Sticky Sweet Fruit (PerfumeThoughts: Mutiny, Maison Martin Margiela)

maison-margiela-mutiny-402x538Where have you gone, Martin Margiela? I was at the pop-up Margiela fragrance store at Century City and as I perused through their fragrance offerings, I thought to myself – when did this brad get so…generic? Their scents are all so familiar, so rote, so common that it really isn’t so in tune with what the house used to represent.  I couldn’t find one that I liked enough to wear, or even give real estate skin to.

The Sales Associate asked me, ‘Have you tried Mutiny? It’s my favorite.’   I said no, and she showed me the bottle, which I admit, is very beautiful. ‘Let me give you a sample,’ she said.

I wore it the next day, and…I am still unmoved. This is standard department store white floral, and I have seen it be compared to Viktor & Rolf’s Bon Bon, which I think is very apt. Very syrupy orange-y top note, with dense fruit – I smell a grape/peach/pair combo – and on my skin, it’s so syrupy I was glad I was wearing it on a cold day.  This is definitely a sticky and sweet one, akin to canned fruit. I don’t really hate it, but I thought Margiela could do much much better (Bring back, ‘Untitled,’ for example)

Blackballed (Perfume Thoughts: Love In Black, Creed)

375x500.4261I was at my brother’s house over the Holidays and had access to his perfume wardrobe (which is pretty good) and it gave me a chance to sample some scents he has but I don’t own.  I zoomed in on ‘Love In Black,’ by Creed because, well, Michelle Obama has been in the news promoting her book and I thought this was her scent – of course when I googled it, I was mistaken – her signature scent is Love in White by Creed, this perfume’s twin-set match. ‘Love In Black’ still has First Lady pedigree, though, as it is inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy.

It’s classic Creed – you can tell it has good quality, and you can also tell it’s expensive because of that. But again with me and Creed, I found it hopelessly boring. It isn’t unique, and its violet-iris accord smelled just like a lot of other things out there. As time wore on, it became a straight-up iris scent for me – the papery, library kind. It’s nice, but my cheaper Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee does the same thing, and better. So why pay Creed prices?

The Smell of Diamonds (Perfume Thoughts: 1932, Chanel Les Exclusifs)

375x500.17388Someone once told me he didn’t like Chanel fragrances because they all smell the same. I thought about that remark and say, well, I think that’s the same reason why I love them. You know exactly what you are going to get with a Chanel fragrance – something elegant, something tender, something that is classy, and you can wear today and will probably still be relevant ten or twenty or a hundred years from now.  Chanel ‘1932,’ is exactly that fragrance. This is part of their Les Exclusifs Collection, and is named for the first year they started offering fine jewelry. The fragrance is inspired by diamonds and comets.

1932 is a soft scent – its notes say white jasmine – and this is a very clean jasmine (nothing indolic here) It is mixed with rose petals, but it is not jammy or sweet. There is a lot of their trademark aldehydes here, and the overall effect is something that smells like one of their makeups. It is certainly pretty.

It’s also kind of boring, and I don’t know if I really need it on my wardrobe. And yes, I probably have something very similar to it already. But this sample is nice to wear and I shall enjoy it.