A Mix of Mix (Perfume Thoughts” Mixed Emotions, Byredo)

Byredo’s scents may not always work, but you can be assured they will always be interesting. I wore their new release, Mixed Emotion, today, and the first word that came to my mind if I were to describe it? Odd.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing in my book. This is a scent that challenges, but at the same time gives a unique kind of pleasure for me. It’s a tea scent – Mate – and that note permeates the whole time you are wearing this. Combined with a very dry black currant, the mix is unusual, and at times it could be baffling, but I found myself sniffing my arm numerous times to get a whiff of it again and again.

This got me thinking that nowadays, a scent has to wow me for me to want a full bottle of it. Most times I like something upon sampling, but tell myself later on that I can live without it. This… makes me think, it makes me contemplate. It’s definitely unique, I will give it that, and for some reason I am particularly drawn tot his. But, in the end, would I want this in my wardrobe? I find I have so many scents that I am just wanting to finish. I think now I want perfumes that continually interest me, will keep me engaged even after a couple of wearings. I have mixed emotions about Mixed Emotions, and maybe that’s the point.

Yellow Rose (Perfume Thoughts: Born in Roma Yellow Dream, Valentino)

I bought something at Macy’s the other day and to my surprise, I found a sample vial of Valentino Born In Roma Yellow Dream in my bag. Mind you, I don’t think I have even smelled the original Valentino Born In Roma so have nothing to base this flanker on.

Based on the promotional material of this scent, the perfume only has three notes: lemon, rose, and white musk. And that’s a good sign for me – nothing extraneous, no bullcrap notes on paper. And for the most part, the scent delivers just that.

A big lemon blast opens upon spray. It’s a little on the synthetic side, but not the wort thing. Then a big bouquet of roses blooms, and it’s the fresh dewy kind. And that is basically it. the drydown is still a white-musk rose.

I honestly don’t mind it, but then again I have been on a rose kick lately.. It certainly feels ‘yellow’ with the citrus element in there. It’s an inoffensive, kinda boring scent, but it is also not as bad as it could have been. It skews more sporty, but with just the right touch of floral, and is perfect, say for running around grocery shopping on a Saturday morning. It’s a nice mid-weight summer scent.

By The Bar (Perfume Thoughts: Orpheon, Diptyque)

Sometimes, the house of Diptyque, to me, seems to always be an afterthought. I have a ot of their perfumes in my wardrobe but never wear them. Still, I like almost every release they have – they may not always be the most exciting or unique releases but they are always solid releases.

Their new offering, Orpheon, is just as good. I like its back story – the scent is inspired by a Parisian Bar of the same name, which sits at the corner of 34 Boulevard Saint-Germaine and rue de Pantoieis, which is not far from the Paris Diptyuque store. The founders of Diptyque used to frequent that bar and wanted to pay tribute to it.

And you know what? The perfume is a great representation of it. It starts with a juniper berry blast (perhaps a drink of choice) then settles to a cedar-y powdery middle. I imagine myself at the bar, intermingling with sophisticated Parisians with their scents, women and their powdered foundations, and it’s all so chic and classy. And you know the best thing about Orpheon? It smells like a real perfume. You carry it with you, it has personality and it has flair. It’s really wonderful and unique and I want a full bottle now.

Super Nova (Perfume Thoughts: Angel Nova, Thierry Mugler)

There are a lot of people who are ‘Angel’ haters, but I am not one of them. i used to wear Angel proudly back int he day, although I much preferred the flanker Innocent Angel, which I thought was quieter and a little more disciplined. But i can’t say I have worn Angel un a long time, as my bottle is somewhere inside my boxes. But I happily tested Angel Nova, its newest incarnation from last year.

If you like juicy fruit fragrances, this one’s for you, This is a beast of a scent, with a huge raspberry and litchee opening. It’s makes quite a big impression, and on days when I would crave a big fruit, this would be so welcome. At the heart of the perfume is a jammy rose, so that makes it doubly appealing for me – a big rose fruit, just the way I like it.

I even like it’s (sorta weird) dry down – benzoiny band aid-y. It smells a bit synthetic, but of the good kind. The fruits and rose linger towards the very end anyway and never leaves. Just like anything associated with Mugler Angel, this is a big perfume – its trail is very strong and lasts forever. I want one, I think.

Perfumed Spirits (Scent Thoughts: H24, Hermes)

H24 is Hermes’ first new men’s fragrance since Terre de Hermes, which was fifteen years ago already. It’s also Christine Nagel’s first on her Hermes tenure after taking over from Jean Claude Elenna. I think this would be an interesting barometer on where the house is headed. And from what I have read, this scent is being billed as a fougere, which makes it more interesting – will it smell retro-like or very modern?

It seems like it is a little bit of both. There’s something old-fashioned about it, like an old man’s cologne, but instead of it lavender, Nagel uses a sage note. This sage is bitter-sh and citrus-y, and I could swear I could detect a tinge of grapefruit in the beginning (an homage to TdH?) As the scent develops, there’ that rosewood, and yes, I do smell the sclarene note (which is described as the scent of fabric being ironed) And in the end, we get a kind of watercolor kind of fougere. In this sense, it is very Ellen-esque, with a very appealing white sage clarity that never leaves. I like it a lot, and I would think that on summer months, this would be nice and ‘refreshing.’ (I hate perfumes that are described that way, but this seems fitting) Okay, I like this enough that I think I will eventually get a bottle of it 0 I bet it becomes very popular, though.

If for anything, the sage would help clear unruly spirits.

No Bloom (Perfume Thoughts: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, Christian Dior)

Another day, another forgettable Miss Dior flanker, this time it’s ‘Blooming Bouquet.’ This one is even less interesting than the other one I wrote about earlier (Rose n Roses) This one is a fruity floral, a pretty generic one, with peonys and mandarin. Seriously, it just lacks any kind of imagination, and to think this was done by Francoise Demarchy. I mean, what is there to say? Teh flower smells watery, the orange note thin. If I closed my eyes, I would never have guessed this was a Dior perfume. But on second thought, I may have.

How Can An Angel Break My Heart? (Scent Thoughts: Angels’ Share)

Killian’s Angels’ Share is the second perfume from the brand’s ‘The Liquors’ collection (I wrote about the other one, Angels on Ice, previously and mostly had good words for it. And Angels’ Share is even better, and probably the one I prefer of the two.

Angels’ Share has an ingredient I like and very rarely see on any perfume: cognac. The cognac note here is kind of potent. It is luscious and intoxicating, and quite sexy. Imagine waking up next to a man you just met while at a bar last night, with hints of what you were drinking, and mix it with cinnamon and apple pie. Angel’s Share is what you get, and it is wonderful and perfect for winter mornings. There is even a hint of musk, giving this a ‘well-worn’ quality.

The cognac can be a little bit literal – wear this go the office and you might get second glances from people thinking you just came from the bar. But I like its warm (thought not hot) quality that envelopes you in a warm hug. It’s a sweet winter gourmand that is unlike anything I have smelled recently. I don’t know if I can resist this now.

When A Rose Isn’t (Perfume Thoughts: Lil Fleur, Byredo)

I went to the Byredo counter specific ally to sniff their new release, and because of COVID, now the sales associate personally spray the perfume on you (if you want to try it on skin, which I always do) and after she did she said, “oh my, my mistake, that was ‘Lil Fleur; I accidentally sprayed.’ But to me it was a good mistake, since I don’t think IU have sampled Lil Feur yet.

I knew that this was going to be a rose scent, and I had been craving rose scents lately anyway so I thought this was a sign from the heavens above. But this isn’t a jammy or juicy rise (the kind I was craving) This is a dry rose miuxed with leather…and a lot of vanilla and benzoin.

It was a warm-ish day when I tried this so the perfume bloomed. The vanilla stepped front and center – and it was a tad jarring. It smelled a lot on the synthetic side, kind of medicinal, kind of band-aid ish. But wonder of all wonders, I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm. It felt like a hypnotic energy that kept on calling me. So does this mean I liked it?

If A Girl Isn’t Pretty (Perfume Thoughts: Gorgeous, Michael Kors)

I never pay attention to any of Michael Kors’ scents. I think, just like his designs, everything he produces is generic and boring (For the life of me, I cannot understand the appeal of his handbags) But periodically, Macy’s sends me samples of their releases, and they sent me ‘Gorgeous, his latest release.

At first spray, I get white floral. I know it’s supposed to be tuberose, but this is a department store generic version of it. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting much from this (and thought it would be a dreaded fruity floral) but I thought it was pleasant enough. Then some tobacco comes in to edge things out, resulting in. a woodsy floral. I kinda like it, in a synthetic, office scent kind of way. I thought the vibe was very similar to YSL Libre, and come to think of it, the bottle is a little bit similar to it, too.

So, I would wear this. I am thinking this would be a great office scent – not too young and a little more sophisticated than your typical department store fragrance. But to be honest, I don’t know if I would ever ‘seek’ this.

Unrosemarkable (Perfume Thoughts: Miss Dior Rose n Roses, Christian Dior)

Maybe I still have a little hangover from Valentine’s Day, from the roses I saw on the street, because it made me want to check out Miss Dior Rose n’ Roses, which is a Miss Dior flanker. I saw a magazine ad for it and loved the campaign – it’s pink and oh so romantic.

Sigh. It’s a nice fragrance, but honestly, that’s the most I can say for it. It’s definitely a rose scent, but a pretty generic one – it skews maybe more dry rose if that makes sense (as opposed to dewy) but it’s completely unremarkable. I barely remember it now even as I wear it, and is pretty indistinguishable from any other department store scent. At times it even smells kinda cheap – the rose her can be a little on the synthetic side.

It’s a shame – I like the bottle, and the Dior brand obviously.