Frozen (Perfume Thoughs: Alber Elbaz x Frederic Malle Superstition)

Photo Aug 27, 5 11 47 PMI sampled Frederic Malle par Alber Elbaz Superstition a couple of months back when it first came out. I was at Barney’s and there it was, taunting me, seducing me. I remember loving it, and at the same time I was trying to ignore it. Why? $$$$$ Malle fragrances can tantalize you, but it still feels forbidden because of he outrageous price points. I remember liking, maybe loving it, at that time. Floral Aldehydes , I remember – the ones my friend says smells like Pond’s Cold Cream.

But I do like perfumes that smell like that, they remind me of he glamorous old-fashioned perfumes, It is reminiscent of all things Chanel. I visualize a ball with ladies wearing sparkly gowns and the men in black tuxedos.

And this perfume smells old-fashioned with a cold sparkly opening of green bergamot, all from an ice bucket. Then chilled pear follows with a jasmine heart that’s a bit musky, joined with a musky rose. All of these is gauzified – the aldehydes making sure it’s presence is felt.

This is the kind of fragrance that people will call “grandma’s perfume”  The wearer of this perfume will match it with an elegant all-black outfit instead of a romantic lace. This woman knows herself and knows what she wants. The roses are not sweet, the peach is slightly green.

If its price was cheaper, I would grab it tomorrow. I know I will look for excuses not to get it (I’m a Virgo, we are always practical)  But I know in my heart of hearts, this love will not fade.

Easy Spice (Perfume Thoughts: Fou d’Absinthe, L’Artisan Parfumeur)

Photo Aug 23, 7 12 29 PMI don’t have all of L’artisan’s offerings, but I do have a lot. I never did buy Fou d’Absinthe, one of their earlier releases, for whatever reason. Today, I was rummaging through my samples when I saw one and decided, sure.

I regret everything now, for this is a wonderful perfume, so much so that here it is, 2017, and this has not been discontinued yet. That means it has a lot of fun.

Fou d’Absine starts almost weird – cold fuzzy frozen drink. ( They describe it as a steely grip of icy alcohol ) and I ask myself is this the absinthe note? I’ve never really smelled or tasted it)  Then there’s fruit to kind of cut the cold – blackberry.  also smell some herbal blends somewhere there, and so  pine? It’s blended with some spice that doesn’t feel heavy, and I bet, I said that this is a Olivia Gacobetti creation, and sure enough, I looked it up and it is. Instant Love.

To Smell And Contemplate (Perfume Thoughts: Reapelle-Toi, L’Artisan Perfumeur)

retoiRapelle-Toi was launched in 2014, as part of the Explosion d’Emotion line. I have all of them now, and this one I bought from the line because it did not really speak to me then. But when it came up on one of the discount sites with a price so low you’re stupid if you don’t get it. Besides, I told myself, it would complete my collection if I do.

After purchase thoughts – still not in love with it. It is a very subtle fragrance. It starts with a bang: full of gin and fizz. Then it quiets down to a gardenia – not a blooming one, nut one is fading, and it’s quiet, too quiet for me, for sure. I’ve read it’s a scent that calls for contemplation. But, I have so many things I am contemplating with that I don’t have space anymore.

Shanghai Surprise (Perfume Thoughts: Shanghai Lily, Tom Ford Private Collection)

Photo Aug 20, 6 19 26 PMI never want to sniff anything from The Tom Ford Private Collection selection because his stuff is just so expensive, and I end up getting mad that they are so good, so most times I ignore them. But recently Shanghai Lily has been on my radar. I discovered that it is the favorite of a friend and he even told me that it’s a must for any perfume collector. (Hmmm…really? it’s that good?) so on one of my trips to Lucky Scent, I asked for a sample. I totally forgot about it, and until I saw the sample as I was tidying my mess of all messes. It is part of Tom Ford’s Atelier d’Orient collection, and inspired by Asian Silk and Spice Roads.

It is classified as a Floriental – deep and dark interpretations of dark  and white florals. It’s heavy, for sure, and even the citrus notes seem denser. The floral center is lily, and with spice and incense on top, it almost assaults you on top. The bitter orange note comes up in the heart, and the effect is skin to a lighter version YSL Opium, which makes it smell a little more modern. The drydown is more woody, and is faint, in my opinion. With the money you are paying for it, you really should be getting more. But who am I kidding? This just got placed on my Must-Buy list.

Heavy Cake (Perfume Thoughts: Girl Of Now, Elie Saab)

Elie Saab’s very first perfume, impressed me, and I now wonder why I don’t own it. Signed by Kurkdjian, it is a great execution of his favorite note, orange blossom. I have worn Saab’s newest release, Girl Of Now, for two days straight and I still cannot figure out how I really feel about. On one hand, this is a gourmand oriental – it smells like a very heavy fruity floral – and we don’t really get that very often. It’s unique. But it’s heaviness kind of throws me off – this is dense and overly sweet, and relentless. There were moments that it was giving me a headache.  Then I realized I wore this in the middle of the desert heat. The sugar really got intensified. The pistachio and pear blasted off with the almond, and Girl Of Now smelled like a nutty liqueur. Final judgement after I wear it during the colder months – it will probably be subtle then

Pop Goes The Rose (Perfume Thoughts: Rosa Pop, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria)

aaWhen an online retailer had a clearance sale recently, I saw a big steal – Rosa Pop from Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria collection for so so cheap I couldn’t not get a bottle of it. I tried to read up on it and found out that this was a Duty Free exclusive from 2015 and is now being cleared through online discounters. So, I thought, even better because it probably has been discontinued. If for anything, it should be a collector’s item soon.

My first impression? Yawn. Just another fruity floral. The rose is sheer and it’s mixed with some kind of berry, and some fizzy something, here it’s not as bright as I want the fizz to be, a thin champagne.

I went through my day. And I kid you not, I got so many compliments for this. Every other woman from the office loved it, and the cashier from Walmart did. The thing is, I was still unimpressed by it even after that.

Should I like it because it is so popular even though I am meh about it?

Splash (Perfume Thoughts: Neroli Portofino, Tom Ford)

nd.12192Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is really, essentially, just an eau de cologne. It smells like your basic toilet water version that’s been done enough and well before. So what’s makes this Tom Ford creation special? Is it the abundance of neroli that creeps up on you after the drydown? Perhaps it is, but there’s something very bright, sprightly, citrusy thing here that is very joyful. There’s a yellow in the greens, and the repackaged blue Tom Ford signature bottle just exudes freshness, cleanliness, a splash of cool water in the summer heat. While I experience triple digit temperatures in the desert right now, I find myself always reaching for this. Somehow I feel like the sun is not as harsh, the heat not as blazing. I am and have always been a victim of marketing.