The Touch (Movie Thoughts: Untouchable)

0204d474-dcce-44f3-af25-d1cca05aba3bThere’s a lot of things in Ursula Macfarlane’s ‘Untouchable’ that you did not know, but I bet, essentially, you already knew them.  As I watch these women narrate their stories here on how they were sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, I couldn’t help but think some of them could be unavoidable. But I shouldn’t judge, as Weinstein yielded so much power that anyone could be blinded by it – there is always going to be that ‘what if’ gnawing at the back of your head somewhere.

This documentary, now streaming on Hulu, felt familiar at times that it bored me. Macfarlane employed a journalistic touch with the reporting, and that is a wise dignified choice for a subject that in itself is already titillating. But its blandness make it a tough watch for me. The stories can be similar, and I at times had a hard time distinguishing one from the other, and perhaps that is also because Weinstein basically had the same modus operandi. But make no mistake, though, these stories are important and should be heard. I just wish they had a little more flash.

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