Sing Your Face Off (Music Thoughts, Face to Face, Hayden Tee)

hayden-hiHayden Tee has played numerous musical theater roles in Australia, New Zealand and the West End, and in his new album ‘Face to Face,’ he sings songs from these various shows. He is backed by a symphony orchestra and the album sounds swell, with lush arrangements by Nigel Ubrihien. The repertoir skews pop musicals, and works by new composers. It sounds a little too antiseptic for my taste, but listened to as a whole, a little too monotonous. But I am sure taken piece by piece on a playlist, the track wold be more appealing. I have sound numerous times that on these theater vocal albums, I prefer the female voice, so this just played by for me and to be honest, I did not feel any emotional connection to most of the songs. The Les Miz songs are fine, but singing them in original show orchestrations does not give me any meat to chew on. His duet with Jown Owen-Jones is a little more interesting, but I couldn’t help but yawn from the rest of the tracks.

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