The Wood in Hollywood (Television Thoughts: Hollywood, Netflix)

141224Okay so I am late in seeing Netflix’s ‘Hollywood.’ It seems like everyone has said their piece about the show. And I have to admit when i first started watching it, I loved it. I mean cute guys, hot sex, Patti LuPone. I mean, everything about it seemed gay gay gay. Now that I think more about it, I wonder if the show appealed to people outside the gay community. But by episode four, I was starting to tune out. It seems so strained, and so shallow. I mean, I get what it is trying to say – the what if of it all – but I just did not buy it. It wasn’t written well, and from what I read about Rock Hudson, I don’t think he would have ended up with a black man. Also, i did not like the mix of fictional and ‘real’ characters. I mean, why name Rock and not Scottie Bowers? Truly, the show left a not-so-sweet taste in my mouth, and the more I gargle with Listerine the better.

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