Zac to Zac (Television Thoughts: Down To Earth with Zac Efron S01 E01 E02, Netflix)

Look, I am a Zac Efron fan, and I am probably one of those people who thinks he is a good actor, but he is probably somewhat troubled. he started acting quite young and shot to fame quickly. I am sure there is a part of him that wants to get out there and explore the world. Well, he gets to do it on his new Netflix series, ‘Down To Earth’ and sure, why not while he is at it, why not showcase sustainability issues while he roams the world?

It’s a tall order, the sustainability part, and I wish he didn’t saddle himself with that concept. I have only seen the first two episodes, where he goes to Iceland and France, and I have to admit the first was kind of boring. Iceland is picturesque, but their exploits seemed a little too ‘lecture’ than fun. When they got to France, I felt Efron relax a little bit, and I see a little bit more of himself in that episode. These travelogue type shows need vibrancy and personality in them, and it probably took a bit for Efron to relax. He has natural easy chemistry with Darin Olien, so I suspect the episodes will just get better as the series progresses.

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