Musk You Be A Star (Perfume Thoughts, Star Musk, Xerjoff)

You want fancy? I’ll give you fancy. Xerjoff’s Star Musk is only available as a set with Amber Star, for around $750. For some reason, I found a have a sample of both, so today I am wearing Star Musk. I don’t think I have ever written about a Xerjoff scent here. It’s just too ‘luxury’ for me, to be honest, and the less I know about it, the better for me.

But here I am, at the end of the year and why not? It’s a musk fragrance, too, which I am always drawn to. It is also perfect weather now to wear this, and look at the gorgeous bottle – can you find something more festive?

Oh the scent, you asked ? It’s beautoiful, and right up my alley – the old me anyway. It’s a ‘beautiful musk’ with facets of some spices and florals all blended together. And yes, it feels like a treat to wear this, and right now I feel over dressed with it wafting with my daily wear. The floral notes are exquisite – some orange flower, a bit of carnation, a hint of iris. And the musk is transparent but makes its presence known. Do I like it? I. really do. But can I justify the price? Probably not. There are other musks out there4 just as beautiful, at probably a fraction. But I will enjoy this today, and maybe one day I will be rich enough to want this without guilt.

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