A Lou Souvenir (Music Thoughts: Musical Love AffairLou Gazzara)

51upanftmpl-_ss500Lou Gazzara’s new album ‘Musical Love Affair’ explores his love of singing songs in all kinds of genres. I thought initially it was an all love songs album, but I guess not. This album does indeed, have songs from all genre: soul, standards, rock, doo wop, Elvis. (I mean, he even does ‘Nessum Dorma’)  It is a great ‘compilation’ of sorts, and he has good chops that candle them. He does a mean ‘Mack The Knife,’ and soulful enough in ‘At Last.’ But, I wish I saw his own personality at times. The album clocks long, but it feels like a karaoke experience more than a musical one. I see that his other album is ‘Live In Vegas,’ and that fits his brand better, I thought. Not meaning this as an insult, but I do think he works best at a lounge, where one can enjoy his music without overthinking it. (I actually may be doing the exact same thing right now) Looking at his website, it seems that he is doing the cruise ship circuit, and that’s even better. I am sure he is a dynamite performer, and certainly has movie star looks, and a lot of what is enjoyable about him may not necessarily be translated on record. I can just envision his Elvis Medley with him clad in Elvis drag, compete with gyrating hips. This record will only serve as a souvenir.

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