Teen Beat (Movie Thoughts: November Criminals)

DNF6mEZWkAE5q8-Ansel Elgort stars in ‘November Criminals’ and I bet this film was shot before this year’s hit ‘Baby Driver’ because this is such a bland film that no one would ever think this would be a good follow up after that film. Here he stars as Addison, a teenager whose friend is killed. For no real valid reason, he becomes obsessed with finding out who his friend’s killer is, and doesn’t really map out to us why we should care either. As a murder mystery, it’s a bit of a dud. The resolution felt commonplace and perhaps that’s just the jaded side of me talking. But there’s more here. This film is also a quasi romantic story between him and Phoebe, played by Chloe Grace Moretz. Both actors seem to be bored by the film, and who can really blame them. I can’t think of anything about this film i could recommend.

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