Meet Me In The Middle (Film Thoughts: Mid 90s)

mid-90s_poster_goldposter_com_1Wanna feel old? There’s now a movie nostalgic about the mid-90s, a time when I was already an adult. Titled ‘mis 90s,’ and directed by Jonah Hill, it is set in that time period, and is a coming of age film about a teenager Steve (Sunny Suljic) who gets caught in the LA punk skate scene.

I cannot relate to much of this film, of course. It was never meant for me, and while I get it and what it is trying to say, I found myself bored by it. Some people have expressed concern about the homophobic and racial dialogue in the film, but I am not prude, and these kids probably said those words then without even thinking about repercussions of what they are saying. The movie feels authentic about a specific era, and a specific time, and I respect it for that.  And Suljic is pretty good, giving his character a lived-in feel.

My apartment now is across the street from the skating area where all these kids go so it was nice to see my area in context. But other than that, I really did not relate to much in this movie.

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