Daily Dose Of Love (Television Thoughts: Love Daily S01 E01)


You know I love me some love stories. I just discovered this series called ‘Love Daily,’ and well, I am in love with it.  I found it on Hulu, and it’s a romantic anthology following twelve couples – all young – who fall in love. We follow them at different days of the year/ I really adore the first episode that I watched – they are short (each episode runs about ten minutes or so) and go straight to the point. It always amazes me how you can say so much in less than ten minutes.

The first episode on Hulu has two stories. The first one is titled ‘Overnight’ and is set in Los Angeles during the Olympics. A Russian gymnast goes to a convenient store to buy tampons and strikes up a conversation with the night clerk. It’s funny and by the end of the episode the gymnast is inviting the guy to her competition the next day.  I especially loved the second story, about a guy who gets locked out of his dorm room by his roommate, and meets this girl at the common rooms, trying to get sleep. They bond (her roommate practice signing all night and she can’t concentrate) and by the end of the night they are spooning each other.

These are nice wholesome love stories with a very attractive young cast – what’s not to love…daily?

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