From Way Up Here, It’s Crystal Clear (Movie Thoughts: Aladdin)

AladdinThe 2019 live action ‘Aladdin’ was mostly fun. It had some thrilling moment, just enough romance, and generally, a good time. And I still wondered if that was enough. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled about seeing this, but the screening times fit, and I had some spots in my AMC A List reservations, so sure why not. After the movie, I felt like I wanted more. I felt it needed some more – something inspired, something new. I mean, it already had something blue, and for the record, I thought Will Smith did a good job of making the role his, and not a copy of Robin Williams, even if, at times, he is reciting the exact same line. They added some things here – a generic song from Pasek & Paul that tried to mirror ‘Let It Go’ – and most of those things did not add much to the movie. The best bits about this were the ones from the original. So I ask myself, does this movie have a reason for existing? The original is still there, and will still be enjoyed by millions more, so I chuck this only to one thing – greed.

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