Drink and Smell (Perfume Thoughts: Bloody Wood, Les Liquides Imaginaires)

375x5blI didn’t know much about ‘Bloody Wood’ by Les Liquid Imaginaires before spraying and in my mind I thought, well, this is probably some kind of woodsy incense-y thing.  But as I sprayed it, the first thing I noticed is that it was very metallic. And I am really not fond of fragrances with that kind of note. But as I continued dressing, I noticed that the scent settled down, and I got something rose-y and jammy, but not in that usual candied rose way. This was something deeper and darker. Then it hit me – it smelled like wine. Red wine.

That is the prime note of ‘Bloody Wood’ and that makes it very interesting. There are some dark fruits here too – cherry and raspberry – but it is dense. This is definitely not  ‘light’ fragrance in that sense. I liked it much more in the drydown – when the fruit and wine accords all settle down. I can’t imagine wearing this during the day – definitely an evening scent.

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