It’s Just Another Sad Love Song (Television Thoughts: Soundtrack, Netflix)

1MV5BMDIyMDI2OGQtY2JmZi00YI was drawn to see the new Netflix series ‘Soundtrack’ because it was created by Joshua Safran, who was an executive producer of Smash. And just like the title suggests, ‘Soundtrack’ has music in the show. I didn’t know to what extent it was, and then I found out – the music here is lipsynched by the actors. And they are pop songs shoehorned into the situation. And you know what? It took just a bit of getting used to, but I didn’t mind it. I wish I was more acquainted by some of the songs, to be honest, but that’s just because I am less in tune with modern pop music.

However, one thing about the series kind of turned me off. There’s this ‘twist’ at the end. And it is a little bit of a rip off from the premise of NBC’s ‘This Is Us.’ So is this show also going to be grief porn just like that? I watched the first episode, and I had to pause for a bit. I don’t know if I want to invest myself in this show now.

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