Bad Girls (Film Thoughts: Bombshell)

MV5BZjlhOWE3YjktY2MzOC00ZmQ1LWIwNjgtZmVhZmFjZGExMzgyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMDA4NzMyOA@@._V1_I didn’t know if I was going to like ‘Bombshell,’ but of course I wanted to see it, if only for the performances, especially the three female leads, who are all favorites of mine. And to be honest, while watching the film, I did not know who to sympathize with, especially because I think almost all the characters here are despicable. Charlize Theron is great as Megyn Kelly, but I still cannot for the life of me feel for her – I don’t know if I can shake off the baggage that comes with her – this is, after all, a woman who thinks ‘Will and Grace’ influences kids to be gay and also that Santa Claus can not be black. Watching this film is kind of like watching your enemies implode and fight each other. I don’t think I have spent more than a minute watching Fox News, and just the sight of its logo makes me want to vomit. Still, Jay Roach has directed a film that mostly entertains, even as it is flawed. First of all, I am just not a fan of the cutesy gimmicks used here, like Theron as Kelly breaking the fourth wall to address the audience. I don’t think it needed it, but I understand why – they want people to have some kind of kinship with Kelly, probably they know she is unlikable enough already? But yes, the performances here are worth seeing – as I said Theron nails Megyn Kelly down to the deep sultry voice, and Nicole Kidman is great as Gretchen Carlson. Margor Robbie, as a composite character, gives the film a little heart, but I detested the character to begin with, so it didn’t really capture me – though that’s not Robbie’s fault. In the end, I just did not have an emotional connection with the movie.

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