Old Flowers (Perfume Thoughts: Geranium Bourbon, Miller Harris)

375x500.4835Believe it or not, about two years after, I am still opening  packed boxes of perfume. And I still am discovering some unopened bottles, like Miller Harris’ Geranium Bourbon.  I don’t even know now how I acquired this, but here we are.

This is a wonderful floral perfume – a mixture of geranium and rose in my skin. The rose is fresh and zesty, the geranium is a bit fizzy and pepperry. Together it gives a very perfume feel – this scent isn’t a shrinking violet. It smells a bit on the ‘older’ side – the freshness is more freshly cut flowers than shower-fresh. And there’s a dusty powdery feel to it, probably aldehydes. The dry down is more woodsy, but never really leaves the floral phase.

I like it – it’s a bit hefty but not too much, and still wearable in Southern California weather. I am glad now I ‘rediscovered’ my bottle.

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