Human Animals (Film Thoughts: Animals)

1vn3Dt7ZC5SnKI can’t decide if I liked Sophie Hyde’s film ‘Animals.’  But let me tell you. I am still thinking about it. Based on her book, Emma Jane Unsworth writes about a story of friendship, between Laura (Holliday Grainger) and Tyler (Alia Shawkat), who have a ten year friendship. Essentially, the story would revolve around the fractures of their friendship when Laura meets a man. But somehow it is a little more than that. This is a story of how art is made, of how we fall in and otu of love with people and friends, and of even the fragility of relationships. There are times when these characters exasperated me, and I feel like the film is going nowhere (some scenes are bewilderingly cut for no reason) but then I get to a point where it all kind of makes sense. In a way, it is like dealing with our own relationships – we commit and we get frustrated, but we persevere, and we survive.

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