Call Her Caitlin, Maybe (Television Thoughts: We Are Who We Are, S01 E02, HBO)

I am continually enthralled with the second episode of “We Are Who We Are,’ which is really more like the first episode. In last week’s episode, we see life from the point of view of Fraser, who just arrived at the base. In this one, we see it from Caitlin’s eyes. There’s a difference, of course: she is at home at the base, and already knows the ins and out of the place and its people. Just like Fraser, though, she is still finding her real place in the world, just like all of us when we were at that age. Things are happening, things are changing: on that particular day, she even gets her period for the first time. It’s weird that I still gravitate towards Fraser, because even as we look at Caitlin’s day, I find myself looking for where Frasier fits in it.

And I can’t help but see similarities in ‘Call me By Your Name.’ As in the movie, we observe the characters her as they dance. Caitlin is dancing in the middle of the dance floor, just like Oliver does in the film, and we see how the people around her look at her. I wonder if this is just Luca Guadagnino repeating himself, or is it an homage?

And I love how teh characters express themselves here through fashion. We see how Fraser is into it (he mentions how a seamstress mirrors Raf Simons on the first episode) and in here, we see him sending a polo shirt and pants to Caitlin, after observing her flirt with women at the cafe. These little details certainly matter – they give us insight to both characters in a deep and meaningful way. 

I cannot wait to keep watching.

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