Tell Me Your Secret (Movie Thoughts: The Secrets We Keep)

Yuval Adler’s ‘The Secrets We Keep’ is about a Romanian woman, who sees a man who she thinks was the Nazi who killed her sister. St in the late Fifties after the warm she encounters him again, and makes a move – she strikes him with a hammer and imprisons him at her basement, asking him to confess his sins.

Sound familiar? It sure sounds like the plot of ‘Death and The Maiden,’ and I remember seeing an electrifying production of that on Broadway with Glenn Close, forcing me to do comparisons.

That’s only my first problem with this movie. I did not believe a frame of it. First of all, her captive, played by Joel Kinnaman, is physically much bigger than her, so for him to not tower over her is unbelievable. The story is supposed to be suspenseful, but moves in such a rote manner you lose any kind of momentum. I was bored with most of what happened next and couldn’t care about any of the characters.

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