At The Store (Television Thoughts: Supermarket Sweep, ABC)

The original syndicated version of ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is very near to my heart. When my mom started getting real sick, she and I would watch the show together every day. It was such a bonding moment for both of us because we used to do grocery shopping together. I remember every week we would go through all the supermarket circulars and scour what we be on sale that week – ‘oh chuck steak is on sale this week at Shoprite,’ and ‘Tide Detergent is the special at Pathmark this week!’ We would cut all the coupons and when we would go to the stores we knew exactly which aisles had which products, and often times would know the products better than some of the workers at the supermarket.  We always used to say that we would have been perfect contestants on the show. But my mom passed in 1991, and to this day, I still can’t really watch an episode of the old show without thinking of her. Even my love of supermarkets waned – after she passed, grocery shopping felt like a chore to me, and I have such impatience for it.

Still, I just had to check out ABC’s new reboot of the show, starring Leslie Jones. So it was a treat to see her say in the beginning of the show that she had such affinity for the show back in the day. I bet I wasn’t the only one who could relate to her.And the show has lost none of its zip, and I would even say that it is better under Jones’ hand. You cannot fake the kind of enthusiasm she shows, and you are instantly in the game with her. She is easily the best thing going for  the show. And surprise, I found myself still doing well with the questions part – I guess all those years with my mom at the grocery store still comes in handy. As a nostalgic trip, this is still bittersweet for me, and I found myself enjoying it immensely  

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