Let It Snow (Beauty Thoughts: Snowy Morning Shower Gel, Bath & Body Works)

Since I live now iN Southern California, winter isn’t an ‘issue’ anymore, and there are days that I kinda miss it…but I quickly get over it. I thought of this because I was looking through my stockpile of shower gels and to commemorate the first day of Winter, I decided to use Bath & Body Works’ ‘Snowy Morning.’ Here is how the notes, as per the brand:  (frosted bergamot, mistletoe berry, fresh balsam, snow-kissed lavender).

So they are going all out with the winter thing. I get some lavender, for sure, and it’s a frosty kind. I only get hints of the berry, and almost no bergamot. It definitely feels like a winter smelling scent, and is on the heavy side. I like it, and is very apt for cool winter mornings when I take a shower.

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