Best and Free (Perfume Thoughts: Libre Eau de Parfum, YSL)

YSL Libre is my favorite perfume…that I don’t own. I remember sniffing this when it first came out and loving it instantly. But I never did get a full bottle of it. I would go to Sephora and spray…but I always say that as soon as I get a deal for it, I would buy it, but never did. Today I found a sample of the Eau de Parfum, and I am reminded of how gorgeous it is: and it blooms differently today in the cold-ish Southern California weather.

It’s an orange blossom scent, for sure, one fo y favorite notes of late. Mixed with lavender, it gives a unisex vibe, even though it is marketed towards womens. My favorite thing about the scent? It has a chamomile note that is calming and gives the perfume a ‘cold’ demeanor.

The scent also feels ‘dressed up,’ akin to the YSL Tuxedo. I can see wearing it with a dinner jacket on a formal event. As I wear it to the office, it adds sheen to my office wear. I would say for me this is the best commercial; release in recent years,

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