Funny Pals (Movie Thoughts: Barb & Star go to Vista del Mar)

Josh Greenbaum’s ‘Barb & Star goes to Vista del Mar’ is definitely odd… and silly. I don’t know if anyone has ever used those two words together in describing a film but I cannot think of two adjectives that are more apt. Kristen Wiig and Annioe Mumulo both write and stars in this film, which sometimes feels like an overstretched and inflated SNL sketch. You have to re3ally ‘get’ it to enjoy it, and to be honest, I was only with them half of the time.

But I appreciate the silliness, and their total commitment to the piece. And they found a really dependable partner in Jamie Dornan, who flexes not his biceps here but his comedic chops. In my eyes, he became fifty shades hotter.

The silliness is sometimes just a tad too much for me, but I bet if caught on a airier mood I would enjoy this more.

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