I’ll String Along With You (Webseries Thoughts: No Strings Attached, Rustin Low Channel , YouTube)

mgid uma image logotv.com 10929474Travel channels on YouTube are a dime a dozen.  As an avid traveler myself, I wish i could say I love to watch them, but a lot of times I get bored after a minute or so – I can’t seem to find a vlogger with an engaging enough personality that keeps my interest. Then yesterday I saw a link for Rustin Charles’ “No Strings Attached,”  and watched. I figured, fourteen minutes (the length of episode 1, “Bogota part 1 “)  is not a long time to waste if it’s bad. I found myself pleasantly surprised – Low has a sparkling personality and charm to spare for days. Even an innocuous situation like waiting for his friend at Fort Lauderdale airport proved to be funny.  And yes, he is cute and just my type, and to be honest have not seen anything from his previous life’s oeuvre. I like the fact that he injects a bit of “gay angle” to the piece, where he interviews a local and asks him about  how gays are treated in Colombia, giving his video just a little bit more weight than your typical travel fluff.   I recently met a young man from Bogota, Colombia, and he told me about his city and country which piqued my interest about the place. After watching Low’s video, Bogota has zoomed up to the top part of my bucket list. And I am now looking forward to parts two and three – Rustin, I’ll String Along With You. One weird thing, when you search “no strings attached” on YouTube, his video doesn’t even come up. Rustin – you need to work with them on that!

here’s the link

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