Changing A Hair (Music Thoughts: Under the Covers, Alice Fredenham)

ALICE-FREDENHAM-768x768Alicia Fredenham was a contestant/contender on the television show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and was championed by Simon Cowell. She only got through half-way, but amassed a bit of the following. ‘Under The Covers’ is her first album, funded on Kickstarter. She has a strong, fiery voice, and does good service froms oem art songs, and I kind of like her cover of Jackson Browne’s ‘Doctor My Eyes’ here. Most of her album is not really my cup of tea, but I give respect to her non cookie cutter mold style.

Apparently, her most recognizable piece on the show is a moody version of ‘My Funny Valentine,’ which she of course includes here. She was doing fine until she committed what in my opinion is a mortal sin – butchering Larry Hart’s lyrics. She misquotes one of the most poignant lyrics of the song: “don’t change a hair for me.”  Instead she sings – “Don’t change YOUR hair for me.” This is what I consider a rookie mistake, and should never have gone past her, or the producer of the track. It is extremely clumsy, and unforgivable. And for that reason, I do not ever want to hear her name of her album again.

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