Thief Of Hearts (Film Thoughts: El Angel)

large_angel-poster‘El Angel,’ from Argentina, is directed by Luis Ortega and produced by Pedro Almodovar (among others) It is Argentina’s entry in this year’s Best Foreign Film Category. I was mostly fascinated by it because of Almodovar’s name attached to it, and also, the poster to the left features a very attractive Latin twink. I learn that the film is based on a true story, of Carlos Robledo Puch, who is an infamous thief from the 70s in Argentina. He apparently captured the interest of the public because he was handsome, and had an cherubic face. Based on this film, that may be his most unique attribute.

Basically, Carlito (as he was called, and played by Lorenzo Ferro) is just your basic run-of-the-mill sociopath. He started young, doing petty crimes, until he meets Ramon Peralta (Chino Darin) who is part of a criminal family, and then Carlitos just graduated to more complex crimes. There is just a tiny bit of homoerotic touch between their relationship, but it is not really explored (or maybe there really was nothing to it)  The film is pretty to look at, but a lot of the storytelling is laboured and a little difficult to sit through. I do have to say that Ferro is pretty to look at, so that part was very pleasant.  Otherwise, this angel was mostly a bore.


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