Those Pesky Moms (Movie Thoughts: Otherhood)

large_qtIZDvHie8T4btmwj4IywNNbKpRI have this thing with Netflix movies. Are they theatrical-type ones just being shown on the platform?? Or are they really just television movies on Netflix? Cuaron’s ‘Roma’ certainly fits the former, but I think a lot of what’s there could just be classified on the latter. ‘Otherhood’ is a perfect example – it has an A-list cast of Academy Award winners, but the tone and feel of the film felt very sitcom-y, and that’s unsurprising because the Director (Cindy Chupack) does mostly television.

But I enjoyed it enough, for what it is. It complemented my beer and hot wings on a lonely Saturday night – and the three leads – Patricia Arquette, Felicity Huffman, and Angela Bassett – looked like they were having the time of their life, so I can just let them be. I heard that this was supposed to come out around Mother’s Day but was pushed back because of Huffman’s legal troubles. I’ll even cop out to being a little teary eyed because it made me think about my own mom, but then again that may be the result of the beer and hot wings.

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