Capsule Collection #3: The Love Edition (Movie Thoughts: Olympic Dreams/10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up/What Love Looks Like)

111large_olympic-poster‘Olympic Dreams’ was filmed during the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea, and the access the film had ‘behind the scenes’ is incredible. You get to see the Athletes Village intimately, from the dining halls and the sporting event locations. Jeremy Teicher directed this film guerilla style, and we are instantly caught in the pageantry of it all – we even get to see the parade of nations up close from the athlete’s perspective. There’s a love story in here, too, between the dentist volunteer and a skiing competitor, and it was kind of sweet. That part of the film is less interesting, but still kind of works, to be honest. The best part is Gus Kenworthy’s bit part as ‘Gus.’ (he’s a natural)

10tGalt Niederhoffer’s ‘!0 Things We Should Do Before Braking Up’ is also a love story, and it feels very authentic.  It stars Cristina Ricci as a young mother who gets pregnant after a one night stand. The father, played by Hamish Linklater, is one of those free souls. When she tells him, his knees shake and his first instinct is to run away from it all. But they kind of persevere, and the film takes a couple of familiar roads. But Ricci and Linklater are both great, so you believe everything anyway. I liked this a lot, and even love its realistic ending more. I hope the film finds an audience.


22MV5BZDE1NTUxZTctYTcxNy00Y2Alex Magana’s ‘What Love Looks Like’  explores dating in these modern times. Set in Los Angeles, it shows five couples in early stages of getting to know each other. It’s kind of cute, but also kind of pale. Surely Los Angeles is a little more diverse than this?



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