Webbed In (Television Thoughts: Little Fires Everwhere S01 E 02 03 04 05, Hulu)

lfe2I have to say I am up to episode five of Hulu’s ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ and I am so hooked. I am realizing that this is the second Hulu series this year that got me – Normal People earlier blew me away.

The story is quite interesting and it takes me to places I never thought it would, and more so, it keeps me guessing. Both the characters of Reese Witherspoon (Elena) and Kerry Washington (Mia) fascinate and frustrate me both at the same time – both are drawn quite real and there is not just one way of looking at them. I keep on saying that Witherspoon plays the same role, and here I do feel the same, but there is a lot more that she does. Washington is a brave actress, unafraid of challenging the audience for her characterization. The whole cast is good, and I am here awaiting when I can stream what happens next.

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