Sing Out, Louise! (Series Thoughts: Sing On, Netflix)

There is this karaoke contraption called the ‘Magic Mike’ that is very popular in Asia. It’s a microphone you connect to your television set, and there you can take your pick of songs wherein the contraption plays the instrumental tracks for you to sing to. At the end of each song, the machine calculates a score based on your performance. This score is based on how well you sang it, by that it measures if you were on time hitting the notes, and how much you were correct in spacing said notes. It’s kind of deceptive, you just need to follow the bouncing ball, so to speak, and you can ace the songs.

I bet you that’s where the creators got the premise for ‘Sing On,’ a singing competition series from Netflix. Apparently, they already have Spanish and German versions of the show, and now have launched the US version with Titus Burgess as host. He is a fun host, slightly campy without getting too threatening for the hetero crowd.

And the show is a fun one, short and breezy at thirty minutes, more or less, per episode. They have gotten some interesting contestants who are for the most part game for the concept. It’s harmless, and perfect for times when you can’t decide what to watch, and want something where you don’t have to think much.

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