Spring In A Song (Music Thoughts: You Must Believe In Spring, Josie Falbo)

I think there is no song more fitting to sing nowadays than ‘You Must Believe in Spring.’ I mean, this administration, this pandemic – these are dark times and this song is so hopeful. It may be winter now, but you must believe in Spring because it will come. Josie Falbo sings that song in her album (it is also the title of her album) and she sings it masterfully – she captures the despair a lot of us are feeling right now, but her rendition also offers hope. It is a great interpretation of the song.

She sings the rest of the album as wonderfully. Miss Falbo has been singing for thirty five years now (as per her bio) and she definitely knows what she is singing about. She posses the confidence of. woman who has lived these lyrics – and tells a unique story with each of the songs. I liked the way she deconstructs ‘Tis Autumn’ that brings out the meaning of the lyrics, and she swings like mad in ‘Devil May Care.’

Don’t pass by this album, listen to it, and it will be a small light in these times we are living in right now.

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