City Rocks (Film Thoughts: On The Rocks)

I only recently watched ‘Lost In Translation- – it was one of those movies that eluded me all these years for whatever reason, and I loved it – it still translated well after all these years, and I like its take on the symphony of solitude and loneliness. Maybe I should have waited before seeing Sofia Coppolla’s latest, ‘On The Rocks.’ I was underwhelmed by it, and now wonder if I should have waited for it to be marinated a bit. In a lot of ways, the film also wallows in melancholy and longing, but felt a little more unsuccessfully this time around.

For sure, I get that Coppolla employed a style that’s on the minimal side. But it took me a while to get in the groove of things, and I do appreciate its form, but a little more ‘story’ would have been nice. The film is of the ‘slice of life’ variety, but I felt the slice is on the thin side, and with a big hollow middle. Visually, the film is marvelous – a New York City you could dream of with a jazz score that’s right up my alley – Chet Baker, Bemelmann’s Bar, the city lit with night lights – it’s a world you will want to live in.  

The performances, though. Bill Murray is great here, and in most of the scenes he is on, steals the movie. He brings the energy to the film when it needs it the most, and his presence is never overbearing (where it sometimes can be)  I heard the filmmakers are making a play for him n ‘Supporting,’ but in my opinion his role here is more Lead. Rashida Jones shows her limitations here, and in some scenes where I want to see depth, I just see blank space.

I wish I liked it more. As I wrote earlier, maybe it need to simmer more for me to enjoy.

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