Not My Way (Perfume Thoughts: My Way, Giorgio Armani)

Out of Sinatra’s musical canon, ‘My Way’ is my least favorite, and that is part of the reason I really was looking forward to sampling Giorgio Armani’s ‘My Way.’ The song is just too saccharine and weepy. So of course the perfume that takes its name is a sweet syrupy mess. Wow, at first blast, this is just synthetic sweet. I am looking at the notes and it is saying that the main note is tuberose, but on my skin, it’s just a sweet berry. It’s sweet candy – I have seen it described as smelling like gummy bears – and it smells, well, the only word I could think of is cheap. Armani is such an elegant (almost conservative) house so I was actually surprised how screechy this smells, akin to a drug store brand. This smells generic and mediocre and really, I don’t want to know the person who wants to wear this. So yes, this is a big flat NO for me.

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