It Feels Good To Be King (Movie Thoughts: King Cobra)

9585251475581f498db3fbaf7cf4c0bdI have waited to see ‘King Cobra’ all this time. I don’t think there has been any other movie this year that has ‘excited’ me. I am a Brent Corrigan super fan, and I have been very curious about this story since the beginning – even though Corrigan himself has not been very appreciative of this film. Was the wait worth it? Yes and No.

Yes, because this film still got me from the first frame to the last – the story is interesting to me, and I have followed it. It’s about Sean Paul Lockhart, whose porn name is Brent Corrigan. It tells his story of how how he started with Cobra Films, how Bryan Kocis (in the movie, the character is named Steven) made him a star, and the turn of events that resulted to Kocis being killed. I found the story fascinating, and the story telling here just as – even if very much truncated in this version. Garret Clayton, who plays Sean/Brent is great – he gets Brent’s playfulness and charisma that endeared him to his fans. I also think he gave the character a lot more depth – it’s written too broadly and he helps fill in the blanks. I was very much impressed with Christian’s Slater’s Steven – he makes the mogul seem sympathetic, even as written he is a very much flawed and unlikable. I actually should say I was very much impressed with all the performances here – Keegan Allen as Harlow Cudrow is a revelation 9to me) and James Franco plays his Joe Kerekes with a little wink.

But there were a lot here that disappointed me as well. There were true moments of camp – like the murder scene and the brilliant final scene – but a lot more of it was played too, um, straight: it is not nearly as fun as it should have been. And the screenplay (by director Justin Kelly) doesn’t give a definite point of view, yet at the same time barely glosses over the surface of the material. The much talked abut sex scenes aren’t as graphic as described, perhaps because too me they were more mechanical, as I thought it felt like they were seen through the eyes of straight people.

If I were more objective, I would give it a marginal thumbs up – the performances alone are worth it, and Clayton is a star in the making, if not already. As a fan, though, I have to admit I was very satisfied in seeing this story on screen.

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