Which Witch (Stage Thoughts: Witch, The Audrey Skirball Theater)

12There’s a witch at the Audrey Skirball Theater at the Geffen Playhouse, and she is played by Maura Tierney (of TV’s ‘E.R.’)  in ‘Witch,’ which is Jen Silverman’s retelling of the play ‘The Witch of Edmonton’ by Rowley, Dekker, and Ford. The play – revised with today’s ‘speak’ – begins with her lamentation that she is not really a witch, but the villagers have anointed her as one. So of course the Devil (Evan Jonigkeit) tries to recruit her to sell her soul to him, but she is proving to be a tough sell. An easier target is Cuddy Banks, who is a ballet dancer son of a King looking for an heir, so he is threatened by another young man seemingly favoured by his father. The inventive stage design is pieced in two, and the goings on at the palace is sprightly and interesting, while down below the witch and the devil develop a relationship. I thought Tierney was kind of bland, but maybe it’s a directional thing. All in all, it’s wicked in a good way, and the small production gives a bigger memory.

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