If A Girl Isn’t Pretty (Perfume Thoughts: Gorgeous, Michael Kors)

I never pay attention to any of Michael Kors’ scents. I think, just like his designs, everything he produces is generic and boring (For the life of me, I cannot understand the appeal of his handbags) But periodically, Macy’s sends me samples of their releases, and they sent me ‘Gorgeous, his latest release.

At first spray, I get white floral. I know it’s supposed to be tuberose, but this is a department store generic version of it. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting much from this (and thought it would be a dreaded fruity floral) but I thought it was pleasant enough. Then some tobacco comes in to edge things out, resulting in. a woodsy floral. I kinda like it, in a synthetic, office scent kind of way. I thought the vibe was very similar to YSL Libre, and come to think of it, the bottle is a little bit similar to it, too.

So, I would wear this. I am thinking this would be a great office scent – not too young and a little more sophisticated than your typical department store fragrance. But to be honest, I don’t know if I would ever ‘seek’ this.

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