The Winner Darby (Television Thoughts: Love Life S01 E 04 05 06, HBO Max)

llI just finished Episodes 4 – 6 of HBO Max’s ‘Love Life,’ and now I am officially hooked.  While it seemed like the first three episodes feel like Darby was just going through a series of men, the next three episodes have her getting into ia real long-term relationship, and getting married. The narrative will also suck you in – she meets Magnus, a chef who is lovable but much flawed – a complicated man child. He is passionate about his craft – talented and creative – but he is also undisciplined and dangerous. We see Darby fall for him hook, line, and sinker, and the relationship gets mentally abusive. And we think why does she get herself trapped in this? As we ask that question, we get episode 5, which is basically a flashback to a year she spent in boarding school, where she meets Luke, a guy who gives her self-confidence. But, he also takes everything away from her. There is a wonderful 180 degree that happens in Episode 6 that serves as Darby’s ‘escape’ from her marriage with Magnus. The story is wonderfully told, and we get great performance from Anna Kendrick, who’s ‘awkward’ aura is perfect for the character. I really love it and am waiting with bated breath for what happens next.

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